• The Blind Matriarch

    The Blind Matriarch

    The blind matriarch, Matangi-Ma, lives on the topmost floor of an old house with many stories…
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  • Betrayed by Hope

    Betrayed by Hope

    Michael Madhusudan Dutt (1824-1872), a maverick who changed the scope of Bengali poetry in the nineteenth…
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  • Jaipur Journals

    Jaipur Journals

    One of the founders and directors of the world’s largest free literary festival, the Jaipur Literature Festival, presents a moving novel that searches the inspirations and heartbreaks of the writing life.
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  • Double Bill: Priya and Paro

    Double Bill: Priya and Paro

    Two classic society novels from the eighties and noughties India in one stylish new volume…
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  • Paro: Dreams of Passion

    Paro: Dreams of Passion

    Paro is a heroic temptress, alluring and rapacious, the stuff of legend. As she wanders through the…
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  • Things To Leave Behind

    Things To Leave Behind

    Things To Leave Behind – a rich, panoramic historical novel that shows you Kumaon and the Raj as you…
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  • The Book of Shadows

    The Book of Shadows

    Part ghost story, part erotic romance, The Book of Shadows is an ambitious book that investigates the…
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  • A Himalayan Love Story

    A Himalayan Love Story

    This is the story of Parvati, young, beautiful and doomed, and Mukul Nainwal, the local boy made good…
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  • Shakuntala

    Shakuntala: The Play of Memory

    In this hauntingly beautiful book Namita Gokhale plays with memory and desire by invoking the name…
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  • Gods, Graves and Grandmother

    Gods, Graves and Grandmother

    Gods, Graves and Grandmother is remarkable on two counts. First, its structure of a modern fable held…
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  • Raag Pahadi

    Raag Pahadi

    राग पहाड़ी’ का देशकाल, क उन्नीसवीं सदी के मध्य से लेकर बीसवीं सदी से पहले का कुमाऊँ है। कहानी शुरू ह…
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  • Lost in Time

    Lost in Time: Ghatotkacha and the Game of Illusions

    ‘I had met Ghatotkacha and could still feel the warm glow of our friendship. But had this really…
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  • The Book of Shiva

    The Book of Shiva

    In The Book of Shiva, Namita Gokhale rightly points out that the gods are alive in India…
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  • The Puffin Mahabharata

    The Puffin Mahabharata

    Gokhale takes the story to the bitter end culminating not in the victory but its aftermath thereby…
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  • In Search of Sita

    In Search of Sita

    Gokhale takes the story to the bitter end culminating not in the victory but its aftermath thereby…
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  • Finding Radha

    Finding Radha: The Quest for Love

    Who was Radha, and why has she captured the imagination of so many writers across centuries? No other…
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  • Priya

    Priya: In Incredible Indyaa

    Written in the same sparkling Hinglish style which had lent Paro its humourous appeal, Priya’s escapades…
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  • Travelling In, Travelling Out

    Travelling In, Travelling Out

    In this book, travelling does not mean only leaving a place to reach a new faraway and exotic destination…
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  • The Himalayan Arc

    The Himalayan Arc

    The Himalayan Arc focuses on a crucial, enthralling, politically turbulent, yet often underreported…
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  • Himalaya


    This anthology attempts to capture some of its complexity and vastness, traveling through time, plac…
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  • Mountain Echoes

    Mountain Echoes

    The conversations that have gone towards making the book a record of a ruminative journey into the…
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  • The Habit of Love

    The Habit of Love

    All in all, an amazing book replete with the complexities and fragilities of a woman’s heart and mind…
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  • The Begum

    The Begum

    Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan was the wife of Pakistan’s first prime minister. She was born Irene Ma…
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